What's unique about LYR coaching?

Two things are fundamentally different from other lifestyle coaching:
1. We utilize in-person meetings, which have been proven to be more powerful, allow for greater creativity, and create better outcomes than phone coaching.  This translates into higher ROI for clients.
2. Jamie's unique and varied background helps her clients expand their horizons for what is possible, and learn ways to build a life beyond their previous vision. Then we make sure you have all the tools you need to take you there.

What commitment do I need to make?

 After a no-cost telephone consult, you may choose session #1 as a single session or commit to the full 8-week curriculum.  The terms of the commitment contract will fit your individual goals, plans, and needs.  

Where do I start?

Your first step is to schedule a no-cost introductory session. In that session, we will get an idea of how well we work together and what your best next step should be. 

What's included in Jamie’s unique program?

Your 8-week LYR retirement coaching program will help you explore and vision your ideal retirement, and show you how to create a vibrant, joyfully alive experience. 

What We'll Cover

#1 Create a Vision for Amazing Days!

  • Visualize an inspired future you are wildly in love with 
  • Use creative tools, wellness assessment, and unique methods to expand your retirement possibilities
  • Design a life of beauty, nourishment, meaning, connections, and support
  • Examine all areas of life- personal, relationships, housing, resources, health

A retirement full of insanely great experiences starts with knowing what gives you joy. Imagine a life filled with health, vitality, magic, and purpose in order to create it. 


#2 Release What Holds You Back!

  • Determine what elements of your current life don’t serve the retirement vision you’ve created
  • · Release what interferes with your vitality and joy
  • · Gain insight into how your flow is created and maintained

Releasing the pieces of your current lifestyle that don’t fit the life you envision opens your field of possibilities.

#3 Live Energetically!

  • Discover techniques to increase your vibration
  • · Build up your energetic reserve for increased resilience
  • · Explore and create a personal toolkit of ancient and modern tools
  • · Delve into EFT/tapping, PaidaLajin, movement and mindfulness practices for stress relief

Energetic living tools and simple self-care stress reduction techniques change your biology. Increased vitality and high energy are essential foundations for a joyful retirement.

#4 Nourish Spirit, Mind, and Body!

  • Understanding your unique needs to feel fully alive
  • · Tapping into sources that replenish your energy with intention
  • · Supporting vitality through nature, food, mindfulness, restorative sleep, human connection, self-care, and collective purpose

Knowing how to feed your own soul is the key to self nourishment and replenishment. 

#5 Protect and Sustain!

  • Learn leading-edge neuroscience based methods to prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s, and preserve cognitive function
  • · Assessing any organization needed, using Jamie’s expertise as an organizational coach, for present empowerment and future legacy
  • · Creating simplicity to reduce, cognitive and physical effort, in every area of your life
  • · Using awareness to maintain freedom and preserve personal power as you age

You’ve studied how to protect your money.  Learn how to protect your brain, body and personal power as you age.  

#6 Create Ease and Continuity!

  • Developing a fluid and creative routine to sustain your joy
  • Check-in strategies and daily processes for maintaining well being
  • Change your biology with daily nourishment techniques

Incorporating what you’ve learned into daily routines is the key to keeping your vision activated.

#7 Celebrate!

  • Slipping effortlessly into your newly invented life
  • Energizing and luxuriating in self-care
  • Focusing on fun

Now that you’ve set the vision and done the learning, it’s time to let go and have FUN with it all. 

#8 Wrap Up the Gifts!

  • · Reviewing all you’ve gained, in order to solidify the new mindset you’ve created
  • · Plan follow up- your coaching package comes with weekly follow up calls for one month, and monthly follow ups for six months

The benefits of Love Your Retirement are for the rest of your life. We’ll wrap up by making sure you’re fully ready for living your joy.