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While we are encouraged to focus on pragmatic aspects of retirement, like finances and healthcare, the focus is rarely on the big picture- joy, purpose, and meaning. It’s easy to lack a clear vision of how you actually want to live your retirement.

Often cultural influences show us a progressing dystopia and drastically declining wellness later in life. A healthy and vibrant experience in retirement is possible.

What Makes LYR Coaching The Best Choice for Me?

It’s simple. Whatever life you’ve lived, you’ve likely dreamed of having more in retirement. Some things you haven’t even dreamt of, experiences that could bring you a level of joy beyond your expectations. I want you to have a retirement with the whole package, with ALL the elements you can imagine.

Aging may be inevitable, but being sick, lonely, depressed or afraid… is absolutely optional. 

You are a brilliant creator, capable of manifesting whatever you want in your life.

The 8 week LYR retirement coaching program will help you explore and vision what your ideal retirement is, and then show you how to create a vibrant, joyfully alive experience.

About Jamie

Jamie’s background is in business, mathematics, systems, green real estate development, and numerous natural healing modalities.

She is a widely cross-disciplined perpetual student whose long history of concern for the environment and human rights has resulted in societal change.

It is the interconnectedness of her studies and experience that allows her clients to become exponentially more efficient, and to do their healing work.

Client Testimonials

Over the past 30 years Jamie has worked with a wide range of clients at their home and their workplace.  Here is what a few of them had to say:


"You are an angel in disguise.  It took 52 years of living along with ADD for me to ask for help.  I could not have been luckier.  I love your professional help and the fun and caring person you are!"  - Dr. Beverly W., Psychiatrist

"Wish I hadn’t waited." -Bill C.,  Bill C. –Xavier University, Director of Basketball Operations 

"Jamie really came through with value." - Bill M.,  Sales Manager, Clear Channel Communications 

"This is truly a broader vision...  The results are impacting every area of my life."  – Dr. Shirley S., Veterinarian

"Jamie Sebens is one of the most highly skilled and effective efficiency coaches I have ever met and worked with. Her calming nature and intuitive nature will put you at ease. Whatever circumstances you are dealing with, trust me...you want her on your team. I recommend Jamie without hesitation."  Carol B., Leading Social / Digital Media Consultant & Strategist

More About Jamie

Jamie Dawn Sebens

Additional Background


Jamie grew up in the spirited free thinking turbulence of San Diego, CA in the 60’s. Her family relocated annually, chasing their dreams in real estate. In the chaos of frequent moves, she became a widely cross-disciplined and perpetual student of human systems, foibles and values. “A bit of a rebel” (think Dharma) with a track record of creating individualized solutions, Jamie’s mind works “ahead of the curve."


An entrepreneur at 24, she owned a travel magazine and a personal services company in Palm Springs, CA.  Turning her energies to homeschooling three children, she expanded her education to include Montessori training, learning systems, and brain processes, through The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential.  Her research in natural healing intensified to heal her young son’s asthma with natural methods,  under tremendous pressure to medicate.

Combining a mathematics background with studies of Taylor, Gilbreth, Ford, Deming, and Drucker set a base for her work in efficiency coaching.  She combined these thinkers with her study of Kaizen and her historical respect for the systems, philosophies and building techniques of the Shakers.

Secure with the rationality of math and physics (she loves graph paper), she was stimulated by her artistic sensibilities, receiving training in fashion, dance and design. Motivated by the economic realities of life, she realized the need to integrate all the aspects of her background into helping individuals improve their lives.

In her desire to take her clients to a higher plane of efficiency, she sought to deepen her understanding of brain development, psychology and organizational systems leading her research through a plethora of subjects including mind mapping, yoga, meditation, feng shui, human  potential, and the alphabet soup of EFT, NLP, ADD, neurodiversity, et al.  She became a champion for the concept of effectiveness through understanding and integration of internal and external actions.


A sample of her healing life integration is her environmental activity through creation of millions of dollars of non-toxic, environmentally sensitive homes.  Her minor and major rehabs as well as ground-up creation of historical reproduction housing integrate recycled lumber, geo-thermal heating and cooling, super energy efficiency, shielded electromagnetic fields, hyper insulation, UV Light water purification, and old-world craftsmanship.  She was living green years before thinking green was popular.


Her social activism would involve alternative medicine (asthma cure via diet and supplements regimen), environmental issues (fighting Malathion usage in populated areas, safe cleaning products in schools), and statewide legislative changes regarding Water Purification Systems and Crime Victim Services.  Working to combat powerlessness in women, she pioneered the “Quantum Leap Program” in Cincinnati, creating a system to teach welfare-to-work women basic organizing skills.  


Realizing that in the sphere of human dynamics, “external work alone was insufficient to create lasting change in her clients…and that only those clients who were doing internal work had long lasting results,” she began encouraging clients to grow on more levels.  Seeing how focus deterrents, environmental toxicity, and high stress were impacting her clients’ ability to be productive, she began incorporating her ADD, brain hemisphere processing, and environmental toxicity training in her consulting work.  Additionally she became an advanced EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) instructor to help her clients reduce anxiety.

“It’s really all about healing”, Jamie says, “healing our work, our businesses, our spirits, our homes, and our lives through an individualized, self-sustaining, system of effectiveness." 


More Client Testimonials


I have felt like a complete house has been lifted off my shoulder since you left. I am a new woman.  You are great!!!  - Darlene R.,  OH – Social Services Director, Bethany House Services

I feel increased ownership of my days and my life and am responding more than reacting, with lowered stress.  - Daune H.,  PR Specialist at Yum! Brands

Our work moved a big mountain inside of me.  I was blown away by how you did that!  -Carolann V.,  Economist

With her balance of science & common sense, Jamie gave me new tools for working smarter.  - Rod S., General Manager, Culligan

I had no idea of the True Cost of my inefficiency until I did this work. This is serious mentoring for a wide awake life. - Jon P.,  Financial Advisor, Ameriprise Financial

I no longer feel overwhelmed or under pressure.  Your ideas have changed the experience of my day profoundly.  - Tony H.,  Athletic Director, Turpin High School, OH

I’ve gained power over my life that I never got from therapy.  I’ve gotten more out of this & I feel more in control than I have in years.  - Dawn A.,  Caregiver

Energy is flowing and everything works so much better.  - Dr. Fred M.,  OH Psychiatrist

You helped me see the problem I have is not the problem I thought I had.  Thanks for your work and direction.  - Michael T.,  OH – Attorney, Schottenstein, Zox & Dunn Co. LPA

I feel so in-control of my work and my life.  -Gary G.,  CA -Director of Special Accounts , Mercer Abrasives

Thank you for the clarity.  You were my catalyst to get me back on the road and helping me shed a lot of stress. It’s amazing how intuitive you can be -- I can't thank you enough for that.  - Michael S.,  Chief Financial Officer  La Rosa’s Pizzeria

I have longed for some non-judgmental help to give me hope and help me out.  I know I have been the last to believe in myself.  You really have no idea how much you and your work have meant to me.  You have a fantastic ministry.  - Priscilla B.,  Administrator w/Fortune 500 Company

There is no way to put a dollar amount in value of what I have gained as a result of my work with Jamie Sebens. I was feeling “stuck”, unable to move, make decisions or figure out where to start.  I was considering anti-depressants. Jamie coached me and I was filled with new energy and excitement.  I had just needed someone who listened carefully – I often think that maybe this was an answer to prayer and that she was an angel.  I have renewed vision, renewed attitude, and sense of purpose. My heart soars and I feel so good and peaceful – a huge difference. I am so much more productive and this has given me passion.  - Carole H.,  OH Recruiter, Marketing & Sales Professional